# Name Promotion Min Deposit To Do
1 up to £500 FREE £10 Play
2 $1,500 FREE $40 Play
3 up to £/$/€200 FREE $/£/€20 Play
4 100% up to $600 $20 Play
5 75% up to €/£/$ 150 €/£/$ 20 Play

The era of online gambling has started numerous years ago and people still feel interest when launching virtual casinos. The collection of sites is growing constantly, that is why, the choice of the portal becomes harder and harder. The experts of the field even create lists of criteria, according to which players make up their mind.

The measures are numerous, including the software, banking, bonuses, games, wagering, etc. Observing the portfolio of the leading Microgaming gaming sites, the choice will get easier at once. Besides, the gambling houses provide some alluring conditions. Yeah, we are speaking about promotions, which can lead you to more free cash.

Special Payment Method Promos – How to Find?

Each site tries to encourage its visitors to play more, providing various kinds of offers. Some of them are based on the number of your deposits, the others require a fixed sum, etc. Anyway, you can’t start trying the games until your balance is uploaded, so, activating a promo doesn’t seem so pointless.

Enter the section with bonuses and look through the alternatives. Have you found Special Payment Method one? Lucky you are! All the ways lead to transactions, and why not to get benefits just for using the service mentioned in the terms? Simple steps are now accompanied with profitable conditions.

Alternative Bonuses Clarity – How to Get?

Everything is very simple. You do not have to do anything unusual, relish the gaming process and get additional winnings. Just mind that the offer can come both in the way of the welcome and recurrent bonus. For instance, you can be asked to make the first deposit using a certain payment, and get a promotion instead.

make payments and get bonuses with Microgaming

Otherwise, the casino may present you profits for your each transfer, weekly or monthly ones. You never know how acutely your gameplay will change, the only way to be aware is reading the bonus terms. All casinos can be similar to some extend, but there are slight details that differ in any case.

Match %

Receive a bonus for once, and you won’t be able to avoid it next time. Picking a banking option from the list of offered ones, you make your regular transactions. No matter how much you invest, one thing remains as it is – you are to gain either 10%, 15% or 20% match bonus. The size of the percentage depends on the chosen mechanism, you will see the gradation in the terms also. Get extra credits just for your usual actions and increase the balance with no effort.

Cashback %

Assure yourself and your money. Some casinos offer you alluring cashback conditions, in case you use a specific payment system. Play and do not worry about your losses, cause once all the transactions are made thru one certain service, you will get a percentage back. Instead of taking part is some tricky bonuses, get an insurance. No matter how successful your pastime goes on, you will still get profits.

Special Payment Methods Observe

So, we have determined all the main points on the way to the promotion. You are to select an option from the list, in order to obtain benefits. But what exact payment methods can appear in the register? Are they really so lucrative or the casino wants you to use the less popular options? The questions are numerous, but you will get all the answers right away. Unbiased experts of our site are going to reveal the truth for you.

Credit Cards

This option is one of the most widely used payments. Yeah, your transfers are safe and the high quality of the service guarantees your security. Still, some players have doubts according to the selection, cause you are to share your personal information each time when making a deposit. Besides, those who are bad at controlling the funds, can get lost in their loans.

Microgaming casinos offer special payment method bonus


Three is a crowd? We don’t think so. Selecting a web wallet, you get an intermediate body between your casino account and the bank one. Secure and private condition of the funds allure all the players, moreover, the terms are pretty beneficial. The transactions are carried out instantly, most options are free of charge and these mechanisms are the ones to include the highest percentage of the bonus.

Alternative Bonuses Pros & Cons

Nothing happens with no particular reason. That is why, you choose between alternatives. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of the promotion and see whether it is worth the effort. The beginning may seem attractive, as well as promising worlds, but you are the one to experience that for real. Weight all the pros and cons with us, and the choice will come by itself.

Extra Money

Can you imagine a better reason for activating any bonus than the fact that you get free cash? No bounds are included, you just do the thing, without which the gaming process can’t start. And this usual step is to bring you addition money. Herewith, the amount of your final reward you are to determine on your own, cause you see the percentage and can count the result.


Well, we can’t say that it is a kind of disadvantage, cause all the casino bonuses come with their own wagering requirements. You just have to roll over the free cash, and that can only encourage you to play more. Select the game with the highest paytable and winning chances, and go on experiencing the best moments of your gambling.

Withdrawal Limits

And this is a thing that depends on the payment method and the casino already. Usually, there is set a fixed amount, over which you can’t cash out your balance. That is why, you have to redeem as much as it is allowed, and wait for a while until you are permitted to repeat the operation. See, sometimes the huge sum on the screen doesn’t signify the same sum in your pocket.