# Name Promotion Min Deposit To Do
1 up to $160 FREE $20 Play
2 100% up to $200 $25 Play
3 100% up to $1,200 FREE $20 Play
4 100% up to $350 $20 Play
5 100% up to $1000 $20 Play

Everyone in the gambling world wants to get the bonus that will be profitable, no matter how you slice it. And Microgaming casinos are the best in terms of beneficial bonuses, low wagering and tiny min deposits.

The gambling houses provide only the most profitable offers, which in their turn don’t require large wagering in comparison with others.

Deposit Bonus

If you set sights on deposit bonuses, you can’t go without creating a new profile. Only having formed a new account there will be an opportunity to make deposits and activate offers.

The bonuses can be fixed and reward a certain amount of cash, or it can be match percent bonus that gives you back a part of the deposit. Nevertheless, one should always keep a check on their wagering too.

Match Percent

Judging by the title, Match Percent bonus is the offer to ‘match’ your deposit. To trigger it, one should make a deposit of a settled amount of money. Once the transaction is made, you get some percentage of the investment back as the bonus.

Still, some casinos provide bonus coupon codes, which you are to enroll in order to get the promotion. Don’t forget to check the wagering, it is an obligatory part of this and any other offer.

Special Deposit Method Bonus

Banking method is another option of getting some cash for free. One can easily obtain 10%-20% bonus just making a deposit through this or that credit or debit card. Depending on a gambling house, the promo can be offered for the first deposit only, or for each investment.

Also, some casinos provide a fixed prize instead of the percentage. Generally, it isn’t higher than $20. Anyway, playthrough conditions for this offer can be quite high.

No Deposit Bonus

Not each gambling house includes no deposit bonus. However, mostly all of them that offer the promotion, also require a bonus code. In this case, you are to enter the code in a special area from your account and get a certain amount of money.

Learn the info carefully, cause some casinos also present a limited amount of cash that can be withdrawn on this offer. Besides, Microgaming gambling houses provide several kinds of bonuses with no deposit claimed. About these promotions you can learn some useful points below.

Free Play

One of the main reasons why players pick Microgaming is its Free Play Bonus. This offer doesn’t include either bonus coupon codes or your deposit.

You just receive a definite sum of free cash for a limited period of time and, in order to keep the money won, you are to gain as much winning as you can over the bonus size.

Only in case you won more money than was given, you will be able to withdraw the amount.

Real No Deposit Bonus

You don’t have to make deposits, you don’t have to win sky-high cash prizes, you just obtain your bonus cash totally for free and enjoy casino games. Entering a special code or using a link provided by the casino, you activate No Deposit bonus.

Another pro of the offer is that generally it can be used with other promotions. It means you can activate other promotions that require deposits.

Free Spins

Free Spins Bonus is mostly attractive for the players who are into slot machines. The offer is available only for a stated slot that verifies in different casinos.

Playing that video slot, you are rewarded with some free games, for instance 10, 25 or 50, which gives you a chance to win cash without losing any. Besides, the bonus can be provided on both no deposit and deposit basis.

High Roller Bonus

Not each gambling house can impress their visitors with High Roller Bonus. This is the thing that marks out this offer and the gambling house. However, you should be ready that the min deposit will be higher than it is for other bonuses.

Still, the amount got with this promotion is also larger than it could be with ordinary offers.

Loyalty Bonus

When all chances are taken and there is no bonus left for you, loyalty program is right what you need. You can take part in numerous loyalty programs, which steam from your long-term co-work with Microgaming casinos.

This is a so-called bonus for users who can’t take advantage of other offers provided for new members.

Loyalty Points

The more, the better. The gambling houses provide their loyalty points to make their users play more. You go ahead experiencing the games and making stakes or withdrawing the cash won and obtain some points.

For instance, you obtain points when betting in any game. Some gambling houses present you points to convert into cash. Otherwise, there is a way of using them for buying bonuses or taking part into some tournaments.


You can call it either Cashback or Risk-Free Bonus. Unfortunately, this offer is rare to meet, however, those gambling houses, which include it, have a great privilege over the others. In fact, everything is very simple.

In case a player turned over some cash during a month and didn’t win anything, there will be a way to get a percentage of the amount lost during wagering on real money games.

Refer a Friend

The offer that is profitable from either direction. The most important thing is that there are some gambling houses that don’t even have wagering for this promotion.

Refer a Friend Bonus is available almost in each online casino and suggests the visitors to call their pals to join the same gambling house. Once the fellow makes the first deposit, the user, or both the user and his friend, get some money for free.

Bonus Terms

Before starting the gambling adventure, one should know each detail in order to be aware of basic rules. Do you know what the requirements for getting bonuses are? There exist some essential things to know and one can find all of them both on the casino web page and learning the info below.

Wagering Requirements

Each new member faces a problem, which calls ‘What are wagering requirements?’. Actually, when one makes a deposit and free money is transferred to the account, they can’t just cash it out.

Each offer has its own requirement, which says that before withdrawing the cash, you are to win it back for, let us say, 20, 30 or 50 times. That is why due to their low wagering, some gambling houses gain the top positions by casino popularity.

Minimal Deposit

Numerous players enjoy casino games without thinking about large outcomes. These gamblers look for a gambling house with the min deposit. Generally, Microgaming casinos don’t claim much and you can easily find one with $10 as an initial input.

Besides, it would be more than enough for activating the bonuses. Luxury Casino and many others open all their bonuses for only $10. The wagering in this case is the same for all offers.


Almost each online gambling house, except its ordinary offers, presents some bonuses that are active for a certain period of time. There can be a match bonus available only if one makes a deposit during the weekend.

A user can also play a certain game proposed for this period of time and win extra free spins or cash prizes. As a rule, the casino inform the visitors about their short-time promotions through newsletters.