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Watch it go to win! Do you know that blackjack is the most trusted game among players? The game odds are in gambler’s favor to win 😉 All you need is to beat the dealer cards, by collecting a count as close to 21 as possible.

The fact, that it is played in slightly difference in the rules, makes online casinos with blackjack to be much-needed. Everything is relative as you know.

If you want to become an expert on blackjack, you’d better keeping up your acquaintance with gambling houses, backed up by Microgaming, to feast your eyes on the widest range of the game analogs primarily.

We have counted over 40 variations of blackjack at Microgaming casinos. No other platform can come close to that amount!

And you know the most reliable online casinos as Betway, Jackpot City, Spin Palace, Betway, 32Red are ready to comply with your every request just now. But before you proceed to the registry, we highly recommend you to get to know the game inside out.

Microgaming Best Casinos Games

Blackjack: Backbone of Game

Players strive to collect cards in the amount of 21 to win, saying in the plain language. The game is easy and interesting. As the result, the new kinds of blackjack haven’t been changed much.

Trying to maintain the popularity of the product, Gold Series, for example, offer a higher minimum stake only. But who doesn’t want to Win BIGger, does it?

What to expect from the game if you bet at online casinos by Microgaming? It is usually played at an arc-shaped table with places for up to 8 players on the outside. The dealer is on the inside.

After you place chips, you can hit, double down, split or stand. How to play is up to you, of course. There are many strategies which you can use for winning.

But you should remember that there are variations in the rules which are good for you, and some are bad. Before betting high, please, be aware of the difference in blackjack games. Find the varieties reviewed in the next paragraph.

Find the Best Microgaming Blackjack to Play Now


The most desired products are: Classic, Double Exposure, European, Big 5, Bonus, Atlantic City. Almost all Microgaming game analogs are available in 4 variations, listed below:

  • ordinary
  • gold series single-hand
  • multi-hand blackjack
  • multi-hand gold series

Expert players speak well of the classic black. Though, if you are high rollers, all gold series would be of your choice.


As the possibilities to hit a large scoop at blackjack are high, big gamblers choose to play it with $500. The max bet much differs from the minimum stake of $2, allowed at Microgaming casinos.

Try to find a better stake range though 😉 We hope that we have helped you and you won’t lose any more sleep over the game, also known as “twenty-one”.

Work out Your Winning Strategy at Blackjack

The rules are simple, the play is thrilling, and there is opportunity for high strategy. In fact, for the expert player who mathematically plays a game and who is able to count cards, the odds to win are in their favor.

Would you attempt to beat the dealer by getting a count as close to 21 as possible, without going over 21? Let’s figure out what is likelihood of your victory?

Blackjack Statistics

Talking about the luck, it isn’t something ephemeral at blackjack. In fact, the experts are sure that sometimes the gamblers are in a better position than the dealer.

When you learn how to count cards, statistics say you are about to have a good thing going. There are things, except the fortune, like a house edge, casino, the pick of the blackjack game that depends on you. Read about them and may good luck attend you!

House Edge for Blackjack

Contrary to all expectations, the lower the house edge, the more chances of your winning. Good “twenty-one” entertainments have edges below 0.5%. Blackjack is a game with skill elements. So, having learned the basic strategies, you will easily succeed, playing at online Microgaming casinos with lower house edges.

Undeniable Microgaming Strength

The game is wonderful and you are about to start to play for real, but… Why Microgaming when there are other software companies?

To make the choice evident, we have outlined the numerous amount of options at Microgaming casinos: auto play, 4 different speeds, 5 sound settings, “do not remove losing hands”, re-bet features. They will make your gambling session to be thrilling, captivating and, what is more, gainful!